Frequently Asked Questions

FormulaForge and/or FormulaView says that the publisher cannot be verified when I try to install it. What should I do?

Microsoft® has changed the type of certificate it recognizes for signed software. Their current standards apply to the latest version of Windows 7 as well as later versions of Windows. Both FormulaForge and FormulaView are signed with a certificate that is compatible with Microsoft’s requirements for those operating systems. If you are running an older version of Windows, please contact us by sending an email here. We will send you a version of either FormulaForge or FormulaView that is compatible with the signing requirements of older versions of Windows.

FormulaView has passed its expiration date. What should I do?

Older versions of FormulaView had a timeout condition in the code. If your version times out, just return to our site and download the latest version. The latest version has no timeout condition.

I tried to install an upgrade of one of your products and was told I couldn’t.

We use standard Microsoft development and software distribution tools. The Microsoft installer that executes on your system checks that the upgrade is being installed from the same location as the software that is currently installed. If you download the installation package for the upgrade into a different directory than the one for the currently installed version, you will receive this error. To remedy the problem, use the Windows Control Panel to uninstall our product.  Then you will be able to install the new one.  Neither of our products leaves data behind in the Windows Registry or Program Files directory. Hence uninstalling one our of products with the Control Panel completely deletes it.

How do I know what has changed from one version to the next?

Please go to our Release Notes page to see what has changed.

I clicked the Get Formula button, and everything, including Excel, seemed to hang.

Both FormulaForge and FormulaView use Excel’s own expression evaluation capability to provide subexpression evaluation. To do this, our add-in puts every subexpression in the formula, one at a time, into the cell from which the formula was obtained. It then restores the original formula. If the cell is protected, our add-in will hang. A future release will identify protected cells before trying to proceed. For the time being, please unprotect any call for which you want to use either FormulaForge or FormulaView.