Work inside formulas with FormulaForge

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FormulaForge Window

All the capabilities of FormulaView plus:

  • Drag and drop editing
    • Move subexpressions
    • Create new expressions from templates
  • A scrapbook to expedite building or rewiring
Synchronized highlighting of a selected subexpression helps you keep your place as you examine and edit that subexpression.  Additional panes (not shown) provide other information about the selected subexpression such as the references it contains and the context in which it occurs.


Parenthesis-free Editing

FormulaForge allows you to edit without worrying about the parentheses that Excel requires to set the order of computation.  With FormulaForge, this order is set by the hierarchical diagram in the Tree View.  As a result, you’ll get the order right, without ever again having to worry about parentheses.

Easy Editing

Drag and drop editing allows easy editing. With the aid of templates, you can create new formulas from scratch or change existing subexpressions. FormulaForge’s scrapbook lets you analyze and debug one subexpression at a time. You can drag and drop any subexpression to the scrapbook. You can select any expression in the scrapbook for display and editing in the simultaneous views as if it were the entire formula. And you can drag any expression in the scrapbook into the Tree View to incorporate it into your formula. That way, you can construct, debug, and assemble building blocks for your formula easily, accurately, and productively.

Improved Comprehension

FormulaForge provides tools that allow you to simplify parts of your formula to make it easier to understand. You can collapse portions of large expressions to allow you to focus on other subexpressions (branches in the Tree View). You can have interim values or ellipses (…) substituted in the Math and Text views for collapsed expressions in the Tree View. You can assign local names, called aliases, to expressions in the scrapbook and substitute the alias for a subexpression wherever it occurs. These capabilities provide clarity to your formula and allow you to simplify portions of it while you concentrate on understanding and editing the rest.

Logic Visualization

FormulaForge lets you see where you are in the logical structure created by nested IF functions. When you select an element in the Tree View, FormulaForge automatically displays all the conditions that govern the selected element, plus whether they are true or false. FormulaForge displays interim values for all branches created by IF functions, making it easy to check that unused branches calculate correctly. With FormulaForge’s alias capability, you can further display conditions in IF functions as easy-to-understand text strings.

FormulaForge™ helps construct and correct formulas in spreadsheets

Current Status

FormulaForge is currently in beta test, and we are interested in your feedback.

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