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The on-line FormulaForge Math View enables users to submit an Excel formula and then see it as it would appear in a mathematics text. As shown below, the on-line Math View displays the familiar quadratic formula using the familiar mathematical notations for fractions, squares, and square roots, thereby making the formula much easier to read and understand.

(-B3 + SQRT(B3^2-4*A3*C3))/(2*A3)

B 3 +B 3 2 4 A 3 C 3 2 A 3

Quadratic formula in Excel notation Quadratic formula in mathematical notation

Math View employs the following typesetting conventions. Here, x, y, and z represent arbitrary expressions that are typeset as x, y, and z.

Expression Representation
Product: x*y x y
Simple fraction: x/y, (x)/y, x/(y), (x)/(y) x y
Fraction with fraction in numerator: x/y/z x y z
Simple power: x^y x y
Power of a power: x^y^z x y z
Less than or equal to: x<=y x y
Not equal to: x<>y x y
Greater than or equal to: x>=y x y
Range union: x, y x y
Range intersection: x y x y
ABS(x) | x |
EXP(x) e x
INT(x) x
LOG10(x) log10(x )
PI() π
SQRT(x) x


See Limitations for a brief list of the current limitations of Math View.

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