Spreadsheets, principally in Microsoft Excel®, are ubiquitous in modern business.  Unfortunately, errors in spreadsheets are equally ubiquitous.

Any business with financial, scientific, or engineering operations has employees who extract information from corporate databases and subsequently use spreadsheets to summarize, analyze. or model that information.   Errors creep into these spreadsheets in many ways and can go undetected for a long time, not because of negligence or inexperience, but because it is tedious and hard to audit and check all the information, metadata, and cells in a spreadsheet.

StageOneSoftware makes this process easier.  It provides tools that integrate with Microsoft Excel and help users detect and rectify spreadsheet errors, specifically:

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  • [Oct 29, 2018] If you cannot install either FormulaForge or FormulaView due to a software signing certificate problem, please send us an email at customersupport@formulaforge.com or by clicking here.
  • [Aug 13, 2013] Stage One Software has received a patent for its synchronized multiple views.