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Screencast showing Formula Forge features

Spreadsheets, particularly in Microsoft Excel®, are ubiquitous in modern business. Unfortunately, spreadsheet errors are equally ubiquitous.

Financial, scientific, and engineering businesses use spreadsheets to summarize, analyze, and model data in corporate databases. Errors creep into their spreadsheets in many ways and can go undetected for a long time, not due to negligence or inexperience, but because spreadsheets are difficult and tedious to get right.

Formula Forge, by Stage One Software, helps users detect and rectify spreadsheet errors, thereby making it easier to audit spreadsheets and make them more reliable. The video on this page illustrates its features.

To install Formula Forge, click Get Add-Ins on Excel's Insert ribbon, search for Formula Forge in the Office Add-ins store, and click the Add button next to Formula Forge in the list of search results. See these instructions for more details.