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Managing Formula Forge

The Formula Forge menu

A drop-down menu at the top of the Formula Forge pane provides users with control over Formula Forge's behavior, as well as information about Formula Forge.

The Formula Forge menu The Formula Forge menu


The Show in larger window menu item allows users to display the Formula Forge pane in a floating canvas.

The mode setting in a later release of Formula Forge will provide users with access to drag-and-drop tools for editing the formula.

The Values in the tree view setting governs whether or not to display values in the tree view.

The Collapsed element content setting governs how the text and math views display collapsed elements.

The About Formula Forge menu item links to information about the version of Formula Forge currently in use.

The Help menu item links to this User Guide.

Simultaneous views

The desktop versions of Excel (but not Excel for the web) have a New Window button on the View ribbon. Clicking this button enables users to view multiple spreadsheets (or different portions of a single spreadsheet) at the same time. Each of these views contains its own Formulas ribbon.

Clicking the Get Formula buttons on these ribbons allows users to view different formulas (or different portions of a single formula) at the same time. By expanding and collapsing different portions of a single formula in different views, users can examine how the expanded elements relate to one another.